As we move into the Holiday season please expect delays in production and shipping. As always we thank you for supporting our small buiness!

VW Deluxe Bumper Trim

•Designed to duplicate the originals in appearance

•Annealed for easy fitting to bumper

•Slightly under bent to allow bolts to pull trim tightly to the bumper

•Available Polished or Unpolished

Choose Your Bumper Style Below

The price listed on our website is for the pair of trim. You will receive a left side and a right side.

We machine all of our trim is CNC machines from 6061 aluminum billet. We feel we can control the quality of the ends better than with an extruded and welded piece.

We machine all of our trim from 6061-T6 billet. We then anneal the completed parts to a T0 condition. This makes them as soft as the factory parts. 

We bend all our trim around jigs patterned off factory bumpers. However we make our bends slightly less than the original so the outer two trim bolts pull the ends in tight to the bumper. 

We don't drill any holes in the trim so you can position the hardware as you see fit. We do however drill the clearance holes in the pressed bumper trim to clear the bumper mount bolts.

Yes, we will make any type of trim you would like. We can make different profiles and lengths for custom applications. Please calls us with inquiries.

No. The two bumpers have different profiles. The US spec trim has to have a much greater relief cut on the back side to clear the "point" on the face of the bumper.

Yes we always welcome the opportunities to work with dealers. Please email us to discuss dealer pricing.