Billet Aluminum Socket Trays

Socket Trays

•CNC Machined From Billet Aluminum

Anodized For Great Looks And Durablilty

•100% Made At Our Facility In The USA

•Color Coded Metric/Standard Holders

•Available With Or Without Sizes Engraved On Them

•Full Product Line of 3 Row Trays Now Available!

2 Row or 3 Row

The 3 row option adds one extra row of sockets per tray. This is usually used for Regular, Mid, and Deep socket sets.

5 Color Options

Anodized with 5 different color options.


Engraving option includes every socket size engraved onto the anodized finish with a CO2 laser.

Here is a video from Real tool Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we just do not simply have the time to create custom trays for all the requests. We do have a list of trays that are being released though. Just be sure to watch the website for new products!

Yes. Impacts sockets will work as long as sockets are used that match the engraved version of the tray.

No, our trays are designed for your stationary tool box. 

The base is ¼" thick.

Currently at this time we do not offer any custom colors. We will update our website as soon as we have different colors to offer to the public. 

Yes, we ship all over the world. 

No, we do offer a discount on International shipping though. 

Currently at this time we do not have any distributors outside the US.

Yes we always welcome the opportunities to work with dealers. Please email us to discuss dealer pricing.